Passive House Boot Camp

January 24 – 28, 2022

Montopolis CDC Passive House boot camp

The Montopolis CDC is co-developing the first home in Austin certified to the international Passivhaus standard. 

Dramatically upgrade your building science and construction knowledge by taking this one week classroom and practical course, with the option to take an exam to become a Certified Passive House Tradesperson.  

After completing training, apply your new skills as an apprentice by working on a building project sponsored by Fortunate Foundations!  

This boot camp is open to all tradespeople and project team members with working knowledge of construction.

Scholarships Available!

Boot Camp Bundle Cost: $2,000 Register Online

2-Day Passive House Course & CPHT Exam Prep

Cost: $700 Register Online

January 24 – 25, 2022

This class provides students with a comprehensive Passive House Education, tailored to our local community and designed to prepare you for the Hands-on Passive Pod Workshop and the CPHT Exam. Pricing includes:

  • in-person instruction with a certified Passive House instructor
  • textbook
  • access to the on-demand course for one year.

For more details about this course, visit our partner Emu Systems.

Hands-on Passive Pod Workshop

Cost: $850 Register Online

January 26 – 27, 2022

This 2-day workshop builds on the knowledge and skills achieved in the classroom instruction with job role simulation, design/build planning sessions, and hands-on construction experience.

Pre-requisites: Completion of 2-day Passive House course or previous PHI (Passive House Institute) or PHIUS (Passive House Institute US) certification.

For more details about this workshop, visit our partner Emu Systems.

PHI accredited CPHT Exam

Cost: $450 Register Online

January 28, 2022

After completing the Passive House Course and the Hands On Passive Pod Workshop students are eligible to take the PHI accredited CPHT Exam which will be proctored by a certified Passive House instructor. The exam takes approximately 3 hours.

Students are expected to bring a personal computer from which to take the exam. Contact [email protected] if you need assistance meeting this requirement.

For details about the benefits of becoming a Certified Passive House Tradesperson and tips for taking the exam, visit our partner Emu Systems.

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Boot Camp Topics

  • How Passive Houses produce  optimized energy efficiency 
  • How Passive Houses protect health and well being
  • Why Passive Houses are resilient out of the box 
  • Why building passive delivers affordability in the long run 
  • Why Passive Houses further community stability and address gentrification
  • How Passive Houses can help building professionals concerned with implementing measures for moisture control, air sealing, thermal bridging, durability, and healthy air
  • How to implement passive principles in your projects
  • And more!


Montopolis Community and Recreation Center
1200 Montopolis Drive
Austin, TX 78741 

Reserve Your Spot

Purchase the Boot Camp Bundle or bundle components: 2-day Passive House Course, Pod Workshop, and CPHT Exam. For scholarships, contact [email protected]

About Passive House

Passive House is the world’s leading construction standard for the production of supremely resilient, efficient, and comfortable buildings with low energy consumption. Already adopted as minimum code in cities around the world, it is the building code of Austin’s low carbon future.

Funded in part by the City of Austin. The information presented does not represent the opinion or a policy position of the city.  

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